Let today be the beginning of a stress-free wedding.

Meet Kristen
Perpetually happy and full of idiosyncrasies, I grew up the fourth of six children on a Pennsylvania 300-acre farm.  Heading south at the age of 17, I quickly fell in love with the laid back southern lifestyle. And a Virginia gentleman.
Twenty-eight years and 3 children later, we are still living our Southern happily-ever-after. And yes, I remain perpetually happy and full of idiosyncrasies.

My Story
Planning, coordinating, and executing events for over 20 years made me the "go-to" gal when co-workers, friends and family needed help with a special occasion.  I loved working these events.

Then it happened. My only daughter announced her engagement. She had been planning her wedding day since she was 8 years old and I was committed to making her dream come true. We spent hundreds of hours over the next 18 months putting those plans into place. 

When the day came, I felt sure I could manage it all myself. And I did.  But I missed some of the most special moments of her day because I was tending to table settings and vendors. 
Mothers should be part of their daughter's wedding day.  Not tending to vendor details. 

What I Do Now
Clients put their hearts and souls into creating their perfect wedding day.  The opportunity to bring their vision to life is humbling and immensely fulfilling.  
As a day-of wedding coordinator, my goal is to expertly manage the event details and insure the occasion is your special day, without distraction or worry.  I approach each event with a professional "can do" attitude, insuring that you don't miss a single special moment.
 "My mom still says that hiring you was the best decision she made surrounding the wedding."